Exhibition III


The exhibition @ Jewish Culture and Information Center was installed at two galleries, the upper gallery and the basement gallery, which was also hosting the symposium. The exhibition had the goal to visualize the concept of “A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013” via text and image, transforming the available space into a space of art. Additionally, this part of the exhibition included also some works by artists which have been not included before, one might call them guest artists whose works are releated to the Holocaust.

The upper gallery to be entered from the entrance area paid attention to the “making of…” of some artists films by Paolo Bonfiglio, Shelley Gordon, Tammy Mike Laufer, Grace Grauope-Pillard and Agricola de Cologne, while the basement gallery was presenting the experimental photographs by Eitan Vitkon in the framework of the authentic space.

The pseudo-authentic building, a reconstruction of a destroyed building from the Ghetto, the reconstructed interior of the upper gallery displaying conceptual components of the exhibition and the basement gallery, hosting the expeimental photography, the symposium and the video screenings (27 September-27 October 2013) formed the actual physical art work as a spatial conceptual unity.

Upper Gallery


Basement Gallery


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